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At Marketing Envy we eat, live and breathe online marketing and have done so for years. Our PPC campaigns sprout from industry knowledge, creativity, and lots and lots of testing.

Enviable Marketing Services

PPC Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing for fast-paced businesses, because nothing works alone, there are no silver bullets, quick hacks or magic tricks….. But there are gigantic goals to meet.


Our enviable services include

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Our Founders


My background is in B2B tech marketing with significant experience launching and nurturing SaaS products. Cloud infrastructure services are also a pet love. Projects typically include messaging and positioning, inbound content marketing, multi-channel demand generation campaigns, social media engagement and more.


I'm a mentor at Google Campus and Microsoft Accelerator. An ex-Facebook and Google employee. Part of Google Experts Network. My specialties include: Building and implementing online marketing strategies, Start-up marketing, Social media advertising and marketing, Performance advertising, PPC and consulting.