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PPC for B2B - How To Use Paid Media To Boost Your Inbound Marketing Funnel

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With the growing popularity of inbound marketing, many companies ignore the importance of integrating PPC to amplify their inbound efforts. That’s what we are here for!

Marketing Envy has compiled the ultimate marketer’s guide, highlighting what you need to know in order to integrate and get the most out of PPC and inbound marketing throughout all 4 stages of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration, decision and delight!)

Learn about:

  • Which content to promote at each stage of the funnel
  • Which social media channels to use
  • Which KPI’s to target and track
  • How to measure ROI overtime
  • Some really useful tips and tricks that we’ve tried and tested

Ultimately, this guide will help you target the right people, significantly scale up your inbound efforts and show you the right way to grab more qualified leads using PPC.

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