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How to Use Paid Media to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Funnel

The popularity of inbound marketing is off the charts. While there’s no doubt that the popularity of inbound marketing is well deserved, we find that too many companies ignore a very important strategy for amplifying their inbound efforts: PPC.

Many still believe that PPC is synonymous with the “old outbound” marketing, when disruptive banners would jump out at us and interrupt our experience. Well, that could still be the case, but only when PPC and inbound marketing strategies are poorly integrated.

An effective inbound campaign requires you to study your audience’s needs and create relevant content for each stage of the buyer journey. Supplementing what you know about your audience with PPC will amplify your inbound efforts.

This guide will show you how to plan and execute your paid media campaigns to perfection. 

Learn About:

  • The benefits of PPC to supplement inbound efforts for B2B tech companies
  • Different approaches to PPC campaigns based on stage in the buyer journey
  • How to locate your target audience on the various paid media channels
  • Tips to bring your PPC marketing to the next level


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