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Aqua Security - An Inbound Marketing Case Study


Watch how we helped Aqua Security gain massive growth in leads and traffic within just 12 months

An average quarterly increase of 63% in organic traffic, x20 growth in leads between 2016 to 2017 and overall 24% conversion to MQL. Yup, it's true - these are very real numbers that our solid Inbound Marketing strategy generated for them within just one year. And that's not all! 

The case study video is here for your viewing pleasure. 90 seconds of Inbound Marketing insights for success.

Marketing Envy partners with industry leaders in the cybersecurity ecosystem to help them attract, nurture and convert leads into customers. We're really good at devising online marketing solutions for companies that want to differentiate themselves, set the trends and show their market why they are unique, in a language they understand.

Want the same? Then talk to us. 

In short, if you need bottom line results from your marketing as opposed to top level blah blah, talk to us.
Our marketing sprouts from industry knowledge, creativity, and lots and lots of testing. Contact us today.

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