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Why Cybersecurity Marketers are using ABM

The rise of automation tools has led to countless issues, many of which ABM solves :

Many cybersecurity CRMs have become cluttered with irrelevant leads and old contacts (who've moved on from their original contact company) and lack coherence and structure. 

While the tried and tested older methods of lead generation, both online and offline are great for producing a high volume of top-of-the-funnel and mostly unqualified leads, ABM forces companies to qualify and then choose which companies they want to push deeper into the funnel.

This eBook will educate you on executing your cybersecurity ABM campaign to perfection. 


Learn About:

  • The advantages of ABM for cybersecurity B2B  organizations
  • How to decide if ABM is right for your cybersecurity organization
  • Planning, choosing KPIs and executing your cybersecurity ABM campaign
  • Setting up ABM on HubSpot and HubSpot's new features
  • Measuring progress and evaluating success


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