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The Ultimate Cyber Security PPC Benchmarks Report

Question: What has the pandemic done for cyber security PPC marketing?

Answer: Drastically increased demand and prices for qualified leads.

The surge in the number of cyber security companies together with the deluge of funding from VCs and IPOs makes this sector (still) overly competitive.

This has translated into ridiculously high costs per qualified lead, as the race for market dominance (or even awareness) intensifies.

This cyber security PPC benchmark report provides you with vital insights to confirm that you are on the right track with your campaign ROI, or are way off and need to adjust.

Learn About:

  • What's changed in PPC during the pandemic 
  • Average CTR, CPC, CVR, CPL, CPMQL on LinkedIn
  • The ways to run ads on LinkedIn
  • Average CTR, CPC, CVR, CPL, CPMQL on Google Ads
  • How to calculate your required LinkedIn and Google PPC budget

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